What We Do
Bad Cat Records is an independent record label founded by Jake Naroden. Bad Cat was created to support and promote local music that we believe in, and to give those musicians opportunities to perform and distribute their music to broader audiences. ​Bad Cat offers a plethora of services to their artists and others, from CD and cassette duplication, button pin manufacturing, and more.

Button Pin Manufacturing:
With our button press and Epson printer we are able to make 1" buttons for merchandising or advertising. We make buttons in large bulks or small runs, with no minimum order, affordable prices, and quick turnaround every time. 

Hosting, Promoting, And Booking:
Jake Naroden, creator of Bad Cat Records, has been hosting, booking, and promoting shows in his backyard since 2014, as well as shows in other local venues such as Montclair's The Meatlocker, Flemington's Flem DIY, Boonton's Boontunes, and more!

Live Sound:

Bad Cat also has a full PA system with three powered monitors, two monitor stands, two microphones and stands, and a Behringer analog mixer. Bad Cat Records is equipped to handle live sound for any small to medium sized show or event. 

B115D Behringer Eurolive 1000W 15-Inch (2)
Harbinger Vari V2215 600W 15-Inch (1)

Yamaha PM-430
Behringer Xynyx 1202

Bad Cat Sessions
Bad Cat Sessions is our youtube space for local bands and musicians to perform acoustic versions of their songs live. These videos aim at combining quality sound with the energy of live performances.

Music Production:
Bad Cat Records understands it is not always easy for a local band to afford the price of recording their music, that's why we give musciains affordable options for recording, mixing, and mastering, with professional software and gear:

MXL 990
MXL 991
Blue Spark
Shure SM57
Electro-Voice Co9 Cobalt
Dean Acoustic Bass
Big Baby Taylor Aoustic Guitar
Ibanez Talman Acoustic Guitar
Mitchell Acoustic Guitar
Sterling by Music Man SUB Series Bass
Yamaha PSRE223 61 Key Portable Keyboard
37 Key Melodica
Cubase Elements 8
Logic Pro X
Studio One 3

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones
Scarlett Studio HP60 Headphones
Mackie CR3 Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors
Audio Interface:
Saffire Pro 26

Austin AU-208
Ampeg BA115
Pop Fiter
Pitchblack Tuner Pedal
Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff Distortion Pedal
Behringer Vintage Delay Pedal​​

Custom Guitar Picks
With high quality plastics of any color and width, combined with custom stamps with several color options, Bad Cat is able to offer custom guitar picks at affordable prices; it's the perfect merchendise to promote any band!